Hiking trail Estepona area:
Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja


View from our terrace

The terrace views of our holiday penthouse are dominated by an intriguing mountain.
At first sight it looks like a lonely rock without any roads or paths leading up to the top.
During our search for hiking trails in the immediate Estepona area, we found a well-documented walk to the top of the mountain.
The mountain range is called “Sierra Bermeja”. The descripion promised a 2 1/2 hour (roundtrip) walk along a rare type of pine trees and then further to the top of the mountain.

Since we did not have a detailed paper map of the area, we downloaded the route details (gpx files for GPS) from Estepona Natural.
To view the route and our live location on a map, we downloaded the app GPX Viewer, to our smartphone and then loaded the gpx file. This worked just fine and gave a “save” feeling during our walk, since there are not a lot of official marks leading through the mountains.

“A 35 minutes drive takes us from our Penthouse by the sea to the starting point in the mountains”

GETTING THERE — we start at our Penthouse into Estepona and then take the road MA-8301, which leads towards the north-west side of the mountain.

After only a few minutes’ drive from the coast, the scenery changes completely. It really feels like driving in Mountain scenery, but then combined with views on the Mediterranean Sea.

After 30 minutes’ drive we follow the sign direction “Los Reales” to the left. This little road might be threatening to unexperienced drivers. Just drive slow and be prepared to drive backwards a few 100 meters if you approach another car.

The actual hike normally starts in a U-turn, but the street offers parking space for only 3-4 cars. As an alternative, you can also start the hike further up the road, at the “Area Recreativa”, where you can find plenty of parking space.

PASEO de LOS PINSAPOS — We start our hike at the recommended point that leads straight into the “Paseo de Los Pinsapos”. It’s a nice path with great mountain views and pine trees that are unique to this area. Our family is not really interested into pine trees, but it’s a nice extra to look out for during the walk.
After a while the track becomes steeper and clearly heads upwards towards the top. The climb is not extremely technical, but the experience can be compared to a half-hour climb on a staircase. We had to take several little breaks …officially to “enjoy the amazing views” 😉
Our walk dates from early March with temperatures of 19°C at sea level and 14-15°C up in the mountains. During the summer time the climb will be a lot tougher, so make sure you bring enough water and take plenty of breaks.

“Intensive climb during first part of the trail”

The award for the “staircase-climb” is a beautiful view over the other mountains behind the Costa Del Sol.
Another short climb takes us to the real top of the mountain (1450m) with the huge white aerial masts. Since these masts can be seen from our apartment, we expected an amazing open view at the sea, towards Gibraltar and even Marocco. Unfortunately, we had some clouds, but even without clouds, the mountaintop does not offer a free view.

We did not find any signs where to go next, but fortunately, we had our GPS app with the downloaded track (see above). After following the service road for a few hundred meters, we took a little track that brought us towards the “sea-side” of the mountain.

Now, with a little delay, we finally got our amazing sea-views!
The second half of the walk is much more relaxing, along the top of the reddish brown mountain with the Mediterranean Sea down to our right.

It was a bit unexpected when we suddenly walked into a recreation area with a long row of public BBQ pits, plenty of picnic tables and even a bar. At this time of the year (March), the area was nearly empty and the bar was closed. There is also plenty of parking space available.
Please leave a comment to share your experiences during summer months.

For the last part of our walk we just have to follow the little street downwards, which brings us back to our car. This part is less adventurous, but still a nice experience with beautiful views towards the coast.
The whole walk took us around 2 1/2 hours with several short breaks.
Since it is a loop, you could also walk the other direction, starting with the seaside views and then descending at the north side of the mountain.

“Last part is less adventurous, but still beautiful”

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